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Before I begin: If you or someone you know needs help, please reach out. I really shouldn’t have watched it.” I was a fucking wreck.

“I should not have watched that show.” I even said that same thing to two people: “I should not have watched that show.

I’m more concerned with the impact it’s having on kids – or adults who aren’t currently strong enough to fight.

In this book the author has tried to collate his facts and publish them as a contribution to the elucidatioa vi PREFACE of the Macedonian question.

134 The Greek Church abuses its power over the Shivs in the Turkish Empire — Slav dissatisfaction — Inability of the Serbs to fight the Greek Church — The Bulgars, assisted by Russia, open their campaign — The Uniate Church (Greek Catholicism) among the Bulgars — The Russians, alarmed at the progress of the Uniate Church, increase their help to the Bulgars — The Greek Patriarch, alarmed at the growth of the Uniate Church, yields to the Bulgars — The Porte, taking the part of the Bulgars, inter- venes with the Greek Patriarch, and the Sultan declares the independence of the Bulgarian Church in Turkey — Significance of the creation of the Bulgarian Exarchate — Detriment caused to the Serbs in Turkey by the creation of the Bulgarian Exarchate — Attitude of the Greek Church towards the Macedonian Serbs — Mace- donians begin to turn Uniate — Russia advises them to join the Bulgars in their struggle against the Greek Church — Macedonians help Bulgars, but only to free themselves from the Greek clergy — The Macedo-Roumanians do the same — The Bulgarian Exarchate and Macedonia — Turks side with Bulgars in Macedonia — ^New Bulgarian bishoprics in Macedonia — Forcible Bulgarization of the Macedonians — Creation of independent Bulgaria — Propaganda in Mace- donia from Bulgaria — Many Macedonian Serbs refuse to join the Bulgars — Bulgarian terror among Serbian popu- lation of Macedonia— Bulgarian comitadjis in Macedonia — Destruction of Serbian records and monuments in Macedonia.

160' Serbia the refuge for the Macedonians —Macedonians accepted as Serbs in Serbia — Macedonians always con- sidered foreigners in Bulgaria — Serbian public opinion looks upon Macedonians as formmg part of the Serbian nation — So do Serbia's statesmen — So does Serbian science — Non-Serbian science takes the same view — Serbia welcomes Bulgarian immigrants and assists the Bulgarian Church movement so long as Bulgaria does not lay claim to Macedonia also — Serbia's inability to check CONTENTS xiii PAQK Bulgarian encroachment in Macedonia — Serbian interest in Macedonia — Serbian schools opened — Assistance of the Serbian Church movement in Macedonia — Macedonians as guardians of Serbian nationality — Serbian schools in Macedonia — Macedonians petition for a restoration of the Serbian Patriarchate — Failing in this request, they ask for Serbian bishops — Insurrection in Macedonia in favour of annexation to Serbia — Macedonians appeal to Prince Milan of Serbia and to the Congress of Berlin to be permitted to belong to Serbia, and not to Bulgaria — Macedonians' brave fight against Bulgarian comitadjis — In spite of all Bulgarian propaganda the better part of Macedonia remains Serbian — The rest ostensibly sides with the Bulgars.


Gastaldi, in 1566, Serbia includes not only Kosovo Polje and Skoplje itself but also the regions around Skoplje.

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