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It’s understandable that some of you dear readers want to kiss, date, fuck or even marry the French.I discourage it, though; there are so many less complicated and more fun cultures for romance and humping. “Pretend you don’t want to fuck French girls.” He’s absolutely right; possibly the worst thing you can do is ask a French girl out on a date — see for example how French expats in America are quoted reacting to that here.Luckily, e Harmony has come up with some slightly more fail-safe ways to make the first move - from pretending you know someone to spinning a yarn, here are the best ways to win him over. If, however, he winks and grins, 'I'll be whoever you want me to be,' you might want to run.2. Just make sure you at least know something about the band. ' A 'prop' is a great thing to comment on - whether he's walking his pooch or reading a book, it's a way of getting up-close and personal without looking like a stalker (Note: 'I see you're not wearing a wedding ring! It also seems spontaneous, and if his reaction is colder than an polar bear moonlighting as an air-con salesman, you can back off with dignity.4. ' Okay, so unless you were actually mistaken for a Peruvian terrorist, this has as much chance of working as synching your i Phone with i Tunes. Unless he's wearing a monacle and riding a penny farthing and thinks it's terrible forward for a young miss to offer to buy a drink.


This has implications for dating; foreigners are often surprised by how often French couples are just formed out of long-term friendships.Boyfriend material.' It's good to know the nation's men are gleaning their best lines from 's KIA ads. If he smiles and says, 'No, sorry, maybe you've mistaken me for someone else?With lines like these, it's a surprise that the human race hasn't died out long ago. ' Knowing someone already, even vaguely, is a sure-fire 'in'. ' you can laugh prettily and pretend he looks just like that guy you know who can do 50 one-armed press-ups. And they give you the perfect opportunity to start a conversation. And turning the tables by being the one to ask him if he wants a drink is seriously sexy.Apparently, 60% of us love one-liners, no matter how terrifyingly inept.

I also asked Twitter for examples of lines they'd used (men), or had used on them (lay-deez).

Using that link will also get me the same credit and help me continue ridiculous travels and “research” like this.



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    "I'll tap anyone up who'll give me money," she said.

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    Please read them carefully and enter to the room only if you agree with them.

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    The system really works because about 239 people get married a day who met at e Harmony .

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    Our organization is still bringing on chat-log contributors and phone verifiers.

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