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This “brand” was being sold to commercial buyers for MILLIONS of dollars every week, as Ry sat handcuffed by a contract that a “motherly” figure handed him.What they didn’t know, is that I had already decided I was going to flip this entire show on its head and pile drive these producers into the ground for the shit they were pulling. I guarantee you this series is going to run as long as you want to make it. Don’t believe the hype.” Over the course of that year, I saw Ryan go from being a scarred kid who was wildly swinging at anyone trying to put their hands on him… I heard those conversations, because at that point, they all knew that Ryan and I had the same representation, although slightly different interests.While Ryan was making more, for a lead of a successful show… And he didn’t get one because he had a “motherly” relationship with the Executive Producer that serviced him the contract that I would later read…it wasn’t even in the BALLPARK of what he should have been making. which in my opinion, was the single worst contract I have ever seen in my 15 years in the entertainment business.is why didn’t I put a negative post out against him? But in one very singular way, as long as Ryan Buell has a heartbeat, it will never fully collapse. I can tell you that for a person who HAS the tools to handle it, it’s a mind fuck of galactic proportions.I’ve been asked that question by everyone, from my family, to my closest friends, to my business partners. And for a person who doesn’t have the tools to handle it, if they don’t gain those tools real quick, it can be a death sentence.I met with Ryan again and said, “It’s time you get some representation. Part of that was because they never had to, as in the early seasons, the only contracts that were ever served, was to Chip, myself and Ryan. was a part of that brand, and they knew if they had Ryan, they had the cast. By the time Season 4 rolled around, we got wiser with our moves and began using the same tricks against A&E. We shouldn’t have even got this far pushing these people around. we bring those guns to the fight.” Once you are done filming, the protocol for that specific episode when it comes to editing, is that the director (me) and lead executive producer (Ryan) would have the guiding hand in the the editorial process. We were up talking for a long time that night about what we had accomplished and what was next.With no contracts in play for anyone else, they had no legal obligations to pay the cast anything, which again, is about as messed up as it gets, since they were selling their face and likeness to the world for millions. I didn’t have to tell Ryan that time was on our side. Since we knew we they were listening to our conversations, we made up all kinds of shit to scare them. The ONLY people we could be overridden by are the EP’s that are owners of PARANORMAL STATE (which there were two) and the A&E Network, who might as well be GOD in this situation, because with a swipe of a hand, they can make any call they want, and that call will be enforced. After hours of hanging out, we decided we were going to bounce to Times Square to see what was up.


Jay and Grant were using the tools they had to bring this field forward, and we ALL had tuned in… He agreed, never pushed me and said, “Let’s do it.” After two weeks of begging my bosses to let me now appear on PARANORMAL STATE, I was finally able to convince them that it would be a good thing for RISING should it ever be released. Evil” or the “UFO Ranch” episodes, you can clearly see the logo on my back several times.

What they thought was a petty ghost hunter, was actually a loose cannon, as I didn’t need Paranormal State for ANYTHING. But when you get my team behind you, you had better fight with everything you have.” Because Ryan and I would often talk about our plans on set, the audio guys started hearing bits and pieces of our conversations, which SCARED THE LIVING SHIT out of those producers. to a calm, cold and calculating man who now walked with a swagger. In fact, many of the cast members they wanted to replace, in which the A&E executives voiced this almost DAILY. So rather than try to fight with me, they thought the "pull me to the side approach" may work.

So one way or another, they were going to stop fucking people over. It scared them to the point that when we would shut our mics off to talk, the audio guys would literally take off sprinting to find us, to tell us that the Executive Producers had ordered us to keep them on at all times. By Season 3, they had “partially” taken care of Ryan financially, in which they also begrudgingly took care of me financially, making me the second highest paid cast member on the show. Countless times I heard how several different cast members needed to be "history". We were going to find the most intense cases we’ve ever found, in which we were going to attack this show like animals on fire, and when it keeps getting picked up, we’re going to chisel away until we OWN this show and everything about it. Nothing short of a complete and absolute takeover would suffice. We make our episode the way we want to make it and we swing with all we have to get it to air. Every fucking ounce of physical and political collateral that we have…

They agreed, but only if I wore the RISING logo on my jacket… After all of this, before Season 2 even started, I had to go to New York on business, in which Ry happened to be there as well, in which at the end of evening, we met for dinner, in which a very long conversation about PARANORMAL STATE had occurred.

A conversation that I was floored by, in which Ryan asked me how much I was being paid to Executive Produce RISING.

Six people sleeping in a single hotel room, while working in downtown Pittsburgh on a day for food, which wouldn’t even cover three meals, etc.



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