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The salvage operation was 'complicated and dangerous', according to Swiss engineers.

Before safe removal, the Croatian manufacturer of the Rimac Concept One car had to explain the secret mechanics.

It was hosed with cold water for eight hours before a tow truck could safely remove it.

The former Top Gear presenter crashed in Hemberg, Switzerland, on Saturday afternoon.

The host left the hospital in St Gallen after doctors declared he was fit to leave. It comes as James May joked that he tried to 'do the world a favour' by pulling the plug on Richard's hospital machines following his terrifying super car crash - 'but he was still working.'May shared the lighthearted moment with his The Grand Tour co-star at a Swiss hospital before revealing there were a few moments when he genuinely thought Hammond was dead.He recalled driving up to the scene of the crash, which happened during filming for their Amazon show, and seeing paramedics dragging Hammond's 'limp' body away from the wreck of his car.



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    Axiom Verge has all the trappings you'd expect from a "metroidvania" - winding, non-linear maps and a variety of power-ups and weapons that'll help you overcome enemies and the various doors and obstacles blocking your path - but Axiom Verge carves out its own path by making all the gadgets you collect totally change how you play.

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