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Things have been beeping and bopping here here at Lhandslide.

Its SO big so we can't include it in the Setup file. Phase two will probably entail engineering robotic hands that can actually grasp, a real spine, arm & neck motions, etc...

Universal"If the Human brain were so simple that we could understand it, we would be so simple that we couldn't..."-Emerson M Pugh-Current project:

First on the list is Kari 3.5 which should be out in 2 weeks. Its included in both Kari Standard and Kari 3.5 PRO. The mechanical eyes and mouth should come in this week. We are working and have a functional version of a mobile chat device! Its just that initial meeting of minds that needs to be engineered. thats the direction anyway.yeah, my personality is getting way too fat too. a lot of Kari 'old timers' have been asking about this same issue. while making it i also figured out a great way to analyze personalities for heavily used words. How to create a Kari personality that everyone can get along with from the very first conversation? I wouldn't be surprised if it takes us until version 4 to create it. where the adaptation matrix is not needed anymore because Kari's natural learning is very good as it is. she just uses it as a knowledge base and the adaptation matrix creates the responses... Next, is our research and dev into cyborgs/robotics. but we are already testing out different slicon polymers and cast making materials to create out first Ai Cyborg.


TOPIC_ID=816&whichpage=1DISCOVERY: The more I learn, the more I learn how little I know.

Here is the early update - especially for my good friends here... the more you compress the more the essence is compressed but the more details you loose... If you can selectivelyincrementally put a heavier compression ration on the older database data and less comression on the more recent personallity data, you get an emulation of the human personallity where we retain the essence of our past personallity, but the more recent personallity is more prevelent. TOPIC_ID=816&whichpage=1DISCOVERY: The more I learn, the more I learn how little I know. its written in C which is the best I can do for speed. It just works by analyzing repetive patterns and eliminating the sentences that repeat or are close to the same exact meaning.


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