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Aug 21 watazumi Winclone[582]: done copying BCD file Aug 21 watazumi Winclone[582]: Saving Partition Type Aug 21 watazumi Winclone[582]: 0x0B Aug 21 watazumi Winclone[582]: step is 5 Aug 21 watazumi Winclone[582]: Copying BCD File completed successfully!

Aug 21 watazumi Winclone[582]: Updating Partition Table Aug 21 watazumi Winclone[582]: Aug 21 watazumi Winclone[582]: step is 6 **Aug 21 watazumi Winclone[582]: Updating Partition table failed with exit code 255!

However it is visible in Disk Utility as well as Finder and even shows up as selectable startup disk in System Preferences. What can I do to make the Bootcamp partition bootable? The only way I was finally able to get Windows back on the i Mac was to use VMWare, use the Bootcamp partition as raw disk and install through the VM. The backed up partition is perfectly useless to me.

Any attempts at restoring the image via Win Clone result in an unbootable partition.

Please others try and let me know if it works or what errors you get.

NOTE: An encrypted f2fs /data partition will probably NOT work in this configuration." I'm seeing this issue on jfltexx with CM12 20150217.


t=2716306 TWRP version Used a pattern lock at first, but I've tried entering as code translated with this: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 I've also tried switching to PIN, and even password, I even used cryptfs password: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?It works by connecting to ADB on your computer to flash a file of your choosing.



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