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I wanted to add it as a column to save running a computation each time I pull the data from My SQL into Python.Be sure to add "limit 1;" or "rownum =1" to the select statement otherwise you can end up running next Val a couple of times and incrementing by -400 however many times..I end up calling this proc from another script which executes multiple calls for a whole bunch of sequences, resetting nextval back down to some level which is high enough to not cause primary key violations where I'm using the sequence's value for a unique identifier.= 1; after applying any of the above procedures, the increment will have changed to 1!

The correct increment value to use can be obtained from the user_sequences view. However, if you want to set it to 0, you can just delete and recreate it.

When the system comes back up, Oracle will cache new numbers from where it left off in the sequence, ignoring the so called "lost" sequence values.



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