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Tunisia is a country that has all of the necessary ingredients for digital financial services to take off.

The Briefs summarize conclusions and methods of more formal papers published in peer-reviewed journals.

Category: Occasional/Discussion/Working papers Author: Gotor, E. Corporate Author: Bioversity Itnernational, Rome (Italy) Journal or series: Impact Assessment Brief, No.11 Pages: 4 p.

Since the horrific events of June 2015 there has been just one significant terror attack in Tunisia – against presidential guards.

Try our World Meeting Planner and get a color-coded chart comparing the time of day in Tunisia with all of the other international locations where others will be participating.

After six months of facilitating this process, CGAP and the World Bank see credible progress: there is an emerging model for digital finance in Tunisia, the details of which are being debated and finalized by authorities.

Looking back, we can identify three key components that helped revive debates in a constructive way.

While the political economy of reform remains difficult in Tunisia given its recent political transition and ongoing economic challenges, the market facilitation approach has proven to be a cost efficient and effective manner at advancing financial sector innovation.However, by 2013, discussions had reached an impasse.While key market players (mobile network operators, microfinance institutions, financial sector regulators) agreed that the regulatory framework restrained the development of digital financial services, they disagreed on which sectoral reforms were necessary and lacked a detailed understanding of what the existing regulations permitted.Tunisia is a moderate Muslim country and the only one to emerge as a democracy from the Arab Spring.

But as Isis loses ground in Syria and Iraq and thousands of fighters look to return, the country stands on the brink – as one family’s tragic story shows The results of an inquest into the killing of 38 holiday makers in Sousse two years ago at the hands of terrorist Seifedine Rezgui has once more brought into sharp focus the dangers tourists can face when travelling to countries where there are potential threats of terrorism or unrest.

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