Squat racks intimidating


And, we have another who is either a) intimidated and doesn’t think he can do it or b) lazy and unwilling to “do it.” Finally,we have everyone’s favorite: the tough guy who talks a big game. How many times have you walked into a commercial gym and seen a 400-pound bench press?These are the guys who sit behind their keyboards claiming to squat 500 pounds – or bench 400, or throw 95mph fastballs. I think I’ve seen it once – and the guy weighed about 330 pounds. I’ve never seen it in a commercial gym, only a few times without a squat-suit in hardcore powerlifting gyms, and only twice college weight rooms in my life.Walking into LA Fit after the evening peak crowd you would think they had a goddamn dumbbell fight in there. ericbyrnesjr wrote: Accipiter Q wrote: After my back workout was all done Wednesday I went into the squat rack, grabbed the 45 lbs. Approaching squat rack curlers is impossible because most of them are totally oblivious and will immediately complain to management that you are being overly aggressive. I went with my father to his fancy-schmancy "fitness club" this weekend. I got done with my squats and weighted chins there.. Basically, researchers compared what men under the age of 25 SAID they could lift with what they actually COULD lift when tested.According to the researchers, “One third of subjects were able to accurately self-report their lifting performance, approximately one-third underestimated, and the remaining third overestimated their lifting ability.” So, out of every three people, we have one person who is pretty even-keeled and honest with himself about his physical abilities.

This just set me off, I replied with "Isn't this why you come to the gym? I'd personally rather pick the weight up off the ground vs loading a bar with bitch weight. It may genuinely be very difficult for a geriatric lifter to lift 70 pounds off the floor...

Back problems are very common in the older population.



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