Sex chat oooyaah dan and keesha dating


As a matter of fact, no matter how empty your pocket is, no lady can ridicule you unless you give her the chance to. bros you are no more getting younger for Christ's sake.

Remember empty pocket is NOT empty destiny : D When a guy lacks self confidence and holds himself in low self esteem, he sees money as the only manipulation tool to get the lady he desires 2. Passing your messages this way isn't a bad idea, Another step forward in my academics, Lord I thank you; Final lap, this calls for celebration; Lord see me through as I embark on this journey; Isn't it better that way ? I too Know A mature guy needs to be polite, respectful, considerate and attentive.

It doesn't NOT make you look like a big boy but it makes you look [b] weird, absurd and childish.

Someone who spends more time pursuing his passion/ aspirations would never go about sagging his trouser and go about walk bouncing the streets..

By the time nemesis catches up you with, you will start running from churches to mosques to Guru Maraji crying for deliverance 8. I personally don't go to parties where I'm not invited unless I'm going with a friend who was invited. You shouldn't be present anywhere things are being given for free 9.

Raising Shoulders To Neighbours It's paramount to know that the farther you go in life, the humbler you should become.

The word LOVE is not enough for how my heart and soul feel when I think of you... The Love Don't Cost A Thing singer and her former flame divorced seven years ago, but they still remain friends.

I immediately felt bonded, protective, overwhelmed with emotion and like the luckiest woman on this earth.

And Ive felt that way everyday since,' she added.'You make me proud every single moment of every single day!

Generally Acting Like An I detest guys who act like idiots when they spot a lady. You have to bring out that your Q5 or Ipad just the moment you spot a lady and that's when you start singing, doesn't that make you a plain idiot ?


At 25, a lady passes and you have to show your stupidity by hissing or shouting. The truth is, you don't have to flaunt your electronic gadgets to show how sophisticated you are.Your worth can be proven even with a torchlight phone of N2, 000 If you are 25yrs and above you still find yourself doing this, then it's a clear indication that you are a certified idiot.


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