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But even more important, verification ensures that your GMB listing will get ranked.Verification can be done over the phone, using the four-digit code that Google gives you in a call to your business number.GMB is a powerful tool that increases your online visibility and connects prospects to your business.It enhances and complements your website and — if managed properly — it can also help improve your organic search engine rankings. If you have already set up your Google My Business listing — and optimized it and managed it correctly — your company details may be displayed in Google’s “knowledge panel” on the top right portion of the SERP (search engine results page).They will also be able to call your number or visit your website directly.If you haven’t set up your listing, however, your prospects and customers are likely to see search results for your competitors.GMB also encourages you to enter your holiday hours as well as any special opening or closing times.



As long as you actively manage your listing, you might be surprised how much this platform can provide.On the mobile platform, the same search can take the searcher directly to your listing.


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