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How to play varies according to which game you take part in.

But the rule of thumb is "Listen to how other's play and follow example" are few, here some (not exhaustive) It is, in any case your responsibility to let others know, if some things go beyond your borders.

Just notify them kindly the said thing was too hardcore for you. These names of the types are not estabished, and therefore many ways are used.

Usually people do not want to be called 'non-literate' or 'elitist' so these are to be used only on an educational listing like this.


you might end up having a 6 foot tall Hobbit, or a pink-haired medieval lady.

Immersion 'games' have no set goal, and there is no way to 'win the game', the point is to live out as the character and experience things and make connections.

Alt Alternate avatar, alternate character Combat Meter/Meter An object device you need to wear, it counts your HP Character A tailored avatar for the part, like a movie actor one should pre-meditate the outlook & characteristics of a character.

Some are open in creativity and free action, some aim to more strict controlled interaction.


There are five types of role playing: Non-literate, Semi-literate, Literate, Advanced and Elite.HOWEVER if the said village is in one of the Goa'uld's planets in a Stargate setting, a raygun is not out of place.... When you take hit, you loose Healt points and when you are healed, you gain HP XP Experience Points.


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