Pros and cons of dating someone in the military


With that in mind, we set out to find some real people who've gotten romantically entangled within their area code—or their own block—to learn the true pros and cons of getting "In college, I lived across the street from a group of male friends.Toward the end of two years, I realized I was falling for one of the guys." – Roberta F., New York, NY"I got involved with a neighbor, and it was wonderful in the beginning; then it turned out to be a nightmare.I couldn't have my own social life without her wanting to know what I was doing and where I was going, and of course whom I was with.We have run into each other a few times since then, and it's awkward.We've basically reverted back to our 'smile and nod' routine, but with an extra layer of uncomfortable!If you have a very busy schedule and find yourself changing your location every couple of years, it is challenging to date, make friends, or even to start a serious relationship.Luckily, due to the advent of the Internet and many online dating websites, there is a possible solution to this problem.


It can be difficult to find love, especially under unhelpful circumstances when you’re on the move a lot due to your current occupation.When it comes to specific websites that focus on military dating, nothing can really compare to the features and the services that are offered by Military Cupid.*If you’re new to online dating in the first place as well as these ‘niche’ dating websites that focus on certain demographics such as military members, you shouldn’t be worried because Military Cupid is easy-to-use, simple to navigate, and has a smooth design and layout.Military Cupid is apart of the Cupid Network of dating websites, which focuses on niche dating sites such as Christian, Single Parent, Interracial, etc.

Military Cupid offers both free and paid memberships depending on if you would like access to basic and/or advanced features.Military Cupid fills that ‘niche’ role when it comes to the military demographic of singles who are looking to find love and relationships within this specific community of people.


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