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There are two sets of documents: burials before the year 2000 and burials starting in the year 2000 until the present.

Kenneth Alfred Ham (born 20 October 1951) is an Australian Christian fundamentalist and young Earth creationist living in the United States.

The cemetery has an estimated 35,278 platted lots with more than 33,000 sold.

The cemetery is divided into four additions: Old, New, Mausoleum, and Rushing.

For more cemetery history and obituaries of prominent Paducah residents, read the documents below: Cemetery History and a Few of the Interesting People Buried There-- Robert H.

Noble, 1855-1937 Charles Reed, 1842-1908 If you have a relative buried at Oak Grove Cemetery and would like to share your family's story for others to read, please email the information to My Family's Story.

Nashville, Tennessee; Renovated 2008 Ohio Valley Monument Co.

Paducah, KY; City of Paducah-Mayor Bill Paxton, Commissioners-Robert Coleman, Gayle Kaler, Buz Smith, Gerald Watkins; City Manager-Jim Zumwalt; Public Works Director-Earnie documents below are listed in alphabetical order based on the last name.

The Kentucky Historical Society has a large database online that contains information about thousands of cemeteries throughout the The mausoleum in Oak Grove Cemetery is known as the West Kentucky Mausoleum.

According to Ham, he was inspired by his father, also a young Earth creationist, to interpret the Book of Genesis as "literal history" and first rejected what he termed "molecules-to-man evolution" during high school.


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