Naughty thailand girls


But the problems come when you get some drunken ignoramus next to you who berates the ladies or demands something they don’t want to give. There is also a VIP room available for an extra 1000 baht, but I have no experience with that.

I’m not convinced it’s worth the extra expense for such a short visit. What’s more fun that getting your shaft worked over by two tongues or having one on your sack while the other works your mushroom cap?

Besides the numerous women listed on the Dr BJ’s website there are several more in attendance on any given night.

In my experience it’s better to disregard looks at a place like this.

And how attractive will the top of any of their heads be anyway?

I find it better to make requests directly to the mamasan, who will then point you to the woman or women best able to meet them. It’s 700 baht ( USD) for a “nurse” and 1000 baht ( USD) for a “consultant.” There doesn’t seem to be any relation between price and looks or even service ability.

Dr BJ’s Salon is the preeminent blowjob bar in Thailand, a country that has probably more blowjob bars than any other country in the world (barring Japan or maybe even Vietnam).

Dr BJ’s is very easy to find, located a few meters up Sukhumvit Soi 7/1 only minutes on foot from the Nana BTS station.


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