Monica dating 2016


Monica's fate took a turn for the worst after a Day 12 tribe switch, where she, along with Alicia and Christina Cha, were transferred to the new Manono tribe, who fared dismally in challenges against an athletic, new Salani tribe.

Losing the next Immunity Challenge, Monica lobbied to vote out the oldest male on the tribe, Tarzan Smith, by commissioning Colton Cumbie, who bonded with the original Salani, to help her in her effort.

Relationship to Significant Castaway: Brad's Wife Previous Season: "Survivor: One World" – fifth person eliminated Current Residence: Tampa, Florida Occupation: Former NFL Wife, Homemaker Why Did She Want to Play "Survivor" with Her Loved One?Despite not being in the majority alliance, she was not targeted for elimination due to her strength needed for challenges, even with Salani's three-challenge losing streak.


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