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Her seven-year sentence was reduced to three by a partial clemency and general amnesty For further details click here Sabrina is the daughter of late Julia and the late (died ) Amancio Francisco Xavier de Sousa - also known as "Chico"; granddaughter of Francisco Xavier de Sousa and Julia Menezes; niece of Professor Aires de Sousa, (1905-1980). Many professionals in the business of facilitating passports, confirmed that there are irregularities in cases of people born before 1971, because records are not digitised leaving scope for manipulation at the verification stage by sub registrars The new process of verification via Delhi, is believed to have held back over 40,000 applicants wanting to register their births in Portugal to seek Portuguese nationality in a bid to seek employment in the European Union, especially in the UK For further details click here 6 Nov: The Statesman. Video: Issue Order Regarding Meters for Taxis by Wed: High Court To Govt.

For the Wikipedia profile of Sabrina de Sousa, click here Video: BBC Interview: Zeinab Badawi speaks to Sabrina de Sousa, ex-CIA spy 23m. Goa Fisheries Minister who is in the eye of an alleged sex scandal, on Monday said a smear campaign was being perpetrated against him because of his uncompromising stand against the drug mafia. I believe this is happening because of my uncompromising stand and actions against the drug mafia, Palienkar told reporters here click here Video: 6 Nov: Goa 365tv. Sex video retaliatory ploy by drug mafia click here. United Taximen Union has objected to the newly opened car rental counter at Dabolim airport. High Court taking a strict note has directed Goa government to submit its order on affidavit regarding implementation of digital meters in the taxis in the state 1m. For further details click here 7 Nov: Navhind Times.

Goans over sensitive about mobile towers, says CM Manohar Parrikar click here 31 Oct: Art Newspaper. Two Views of Goa (around 1830s) attributed to Jos Maria Gonsalves. A Goa ivory carving of Christ as the Good Shepherd, 17th-18th century. The most expensive item, the lamb taco, is .27 For further details click here For the Goa Taco website, click here Death: Fr Terence DSouza 5 Nov: Assam, India. The funeral service will be held on November 7 at 11 am in Cathedral Church of the Bishops House, Dibrugarh.His comments come soon after lawyer-activist Aires Rodrigues said that he would be submitting to Governor Mridula Sinha contents of a video footage allegedly featuring Palienkar in a compromising position with a woman from his constituency. Aires has taken supari from drug lobby: Vijai Sardesai 1m. The taxi operators under the banner of UTU have threatened to strengthen their agitation against the illegal car rental counter, if the government fails to initiate prompt action 1m. Taxi union seeks action against rental counter at airport Photo. The decision to connect the aadhaar card to the bank account number has generated much comment given that the Supreme Court had said it was not kosher according to the Supreme Court ruling, the Aadhaar card would be mandatory for just two things, to get access to the public distribution system and to get the benefits of the LPG subsidy scheme. A giddy Sailesh and Anjana exchanged vows at St Jude Church in Malad on October 29, eight years after they had met and fallen in love, surrounded by strangers they had just met but who were giving their all to help the young couple have their dream wedding.If he (Rodrigues) says there is a CD, ask him for details. The Supreme Court ruled that this step was necessary to avoid any security problem which could be caused by linking all documents at one place. They wanted their big day to be special, memorable and perfect.As part of his presentation during the Asian Art in London festival, the London/Lisbon art dealer Jorge Welsh highlights the cultural melting pot of the Indian state of Goa The two views of the Mandovi River are attributed to Jos Maria Gonsalves, a member of the Goan Catholic elites of Portuguese descent, who was also active in Bombay in the early 1800s. According to Welsh, the words on the bottom are terms from the indigenous Konkani language meaning married woman and worker, while the two captions below the Hindu couple refer to their attire For further details click here For the Jorge Welsh website with more info, click here POLITICAL: World Questions. The burial will be done at St Josephs Seminary For further details click here 6 Nov: Washington Post.

Ferdie has lived a life of melancholy and regret for decades, thinking she received the letter but chose not to reply.Her lawyer, Dario Bolognesi, said the period of community service could be made shorter by good behavior.


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