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She's the author of "Interpersonal Edge: Breakthrough Tools for Talking to Anyone, Anywhere, About Anything" (Hay House, 2006). Skube at 1420 NW Gilman Blvd., #2845, Issaquah, WA 98027.Having a discussion with your employees or manager about job performance is never an easy feat.If executed incorrectly, the process could produce counteractive results.Managers have to find ways to provide both motivation and constructive criticism, and employees have to share individual goals underneath the scrutiny of their bosses. I am constantly nagging employees to do their job, and I'm exhausted.Intimidating employees with fear tactics does work in the short run but in the long run your employees will become sneaky. Facts, figures, surveys and the cost of bullying to industry, taxpayers and society. How the bully encourages work colleagues to gang up on another employee. Bullying and vulnerability Why have my colleagues deserted me?


The biggest enemy of emotional intelligence, the ability to recognize and manage emotions, is pride.This includes peers, cross-departmental colleagues, customers, managers, and even themselves.The process ensures the employee's manager (who functions as a filter or middle-man preventing employees from sharing direct feedback with one another) can draw off of multiple perspectives and objectively evaluate their employee's overall effectiveness. Employees have to rate their colleagues and managers have to open themselves up to constructive criticism.360s require an environment where managers are emotionally mature and open to constructive criticism.

For 360s to be useful, you have to integrate their data with other support mechanisms and performance management tools.There are many upsides of using the personal agendas of employees to create internal motivation for employees.


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