Lyon dating Cam club sex

Je suis très sociable, j adore l humour, j'aime la danse, les restos, les voyages...

les plans d'un soir, merci de passer votre chemin...

Although initially frustrated and disinterested in continuing his relationship with his bisexual girlfriend, Hakeem decides to pretend that he and Tiana are a couple because Lucious and Cookie believe that the two will sell better together as an act than apart.

Andre sees some of Hakeem's gangster associates during a recording of his new music video "Drip Drop", and has them rob Jamal during one of his recording sessions while pinning the blame on Hakeem, though the robbery fails due to the intervention of the studio engineer.

Hakeem becomes a successful rapper signed to his father's record company, Empire Entertainment.

Lucious announces plans to take the company to the NYSE, and he wants to groom Hakeem into his successor and the future CEO.

When Andre only expresses concern about the company's IPO and not his father, Hakeem indignantly tries to fight him, only to be restrained by Jamal.

Hakeem begins to improve his relationship with Cookie, but she tries to end his relationship with Camilla because she views it as an unhealthy psychological desire to fill the void as a mother that she left behind when she was imprisoned.

The two later make amends after a duo performance during a concert hosted by Empire, after which Lucious informs his family that he has ALS.

Hakeem gets jealous of his father's constant praising of Jamal and slashes a painting of Jamal.


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