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In the end, they knew they had to be together and to this day, the thought of that time apart still brings tears to their eyes.“When you marry one Dixie Chick you pretty much marry ’em all,” Charlie Robison says about wife Emily Erwin.But at the time of this article, they are working at their marriage and staying together, even appearing together on a “sweethearts” edition of a game show.The long marriage between Loretta Lynn and the late Mooney Lynn started at a very early age.They married on April 12, 1980, and though the relationship brought about a few hit songs for him (such as “Look at Us”), the marriage was not as successful and ended after 13 years.After getting married in 1979, Rodney Crowell and Rosanne Cash had a profitable marriage musically.Crowell is now married to singer Claudia Church, and Cash lives with her husband, pop producer John Leventhal, in New York City.


The marriage between George Jones and Tammy Wynette now appears to be a smarter career move for them than anything else.

Their wedding was held at the former home of the Grand Ole Opry, the Ryman Auditorium.

They married in May 1994 and though their wedding was memorable, they divorced after five years.

“As far as spirit and spunk and just get-up-and-go-for-it, Connie’s a younger person than I am,” he says, regarding the accusations.

Lonestar’s lead singer Richie Mc Donald and wife Lorie Ellis know how hard it is to keep a long-distance relationship alive.

The marriage of Dolly Parton and Carl Dean is also a successful one.



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    The first half of this book was chock full of awkward moments but also a lot of endearing and silly ones too.

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    For the spouse receiving support, the payments count as income and are taxable.

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