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That’s their theory.” During the same interview, Jon Benét and Burke’s father, John Ramsey, suspects that the real murderer is that “some pedophile” became enamored with his younger sister during her pageants and is responsible for her death.John believes an intruder broke into their home while they were celebrating Christmas Day away from the house, waiting until they were asleep to the kill the young girl.Upset, Burke hit his sister in the head with a Maglite flashlight. 26, 1996, child beauty pageant queen Jon Benét Ramsey was found brutally murdered in the basement of her family's home in Boulder, Colorado.1 videotaped statement that he wouldn’t do interviews about the case to maintain the investigation’s integrity.He points out that the department has processed 1,500 pieces of evidence, took 200 DNA samples, interviewed more than 1,000 people in eight states and investigated more than 20,000 tips, letters and e-mails ( (32 minutes) premiered 9/12/16 (details at Broadcast Media).10-9-16 | Van Der Beek & Wilson Book (Part 2) Published. dispute former DA Mary Lacy’s conclusion that a DNA profile found in one place on Jon Benét’s underpants and two locations on her long johns was necessarily the killer’s.

Ramsey family attorney Lin Wood confirms a detective met with Burke, gave him a business card and said, "If you want to talk to us, here's how you would contact me" (A.12-23-17 | Boulder DA Tells Australian News He Knows Who Killed JBR. A lawyer for defendants in a 0 million defamation lawsuit filed by Burke Ramsey, the brother of murder victim Jon Benet Ramsey, filed a response Thursday asking that his action be dismissed outright.


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