Intimidating comment

I recently became interested in the concept of “auditory plasticity” — the process whereby our perception of sound adapts according to the aural patterns we experience.I think it’s because of the fact that as a musician, I understand the power of music to move people’s emotions.For Trump, the threat of obstruction of justice is impeachment and that, ultimately, will be a political decision reliant, currently at least, on a Republican House and Senate.There’s something about sounds that trigger emotions and make us recall memories.The sound of high quality leather shoes walking around the office will tell you that the person approaching is either a manager or somebody with a higher status in the company.To a four-year-old, anyone bigger who’s also wearing high quality leather shoes and expensive clothing appears to be intimidating.


“He’s trying to affect the testimony of a witness, which you’re not supposed to do.”Indeed, it could well be seen, as former Barack Obama White House ethics czar Norm Eisen has said, as an attempt to intimidate a witness.He is also making the job of the investigators, led by special counsel Robert Mueller, easier.“There’s a reason why defense lawyers tell their clients don’t comment, Zeidenberg said.“Anytime he tweets, anytime he comments, he’s providing information and possibly evidence to the investigators.”Perhaps the only way Trump’s actions could be interpreted as something less than “very stupid” would be if he is playing the political rather than the legal game; throwing bones to his base and his friends at Fox.Couple that with the fact that they would approach you with an intimidating look and ask what the hell is a four-year-old doing in their office.

Why they do it is beyond a four-year-old’s comprehension.

In establishing obstruction of justice it is necessary to prove that corrupt intent was present.


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