Interracial chat it up

The stories in this collection are often conversational and candid, as though the reader has been invited to have a chat with the narrator...

There are shades in the intimacy and urgency of Collins’ writing of Lorraine Hansberry and Zora Neale Hurston...

In “Only Once,” a woman reminisces about her charming daredevil of a lover and his ultimate—and final—act of foolishness.

Collins’s work seamlessly integrates the African-American experience in her characters’ lives, creating rich, devastatingly familiar, full-bodied men, women, and children who transcend the symbolic, penetrating both the reader’s head and heart.

[A] impressionistic, psychologically observant collection... In poignant, searching scenes and contemplations, readers will be reintroduced to a great and under-appreciated creative talent.” — Huffington Post “Make[s] you ache with the powerfully felt sense of real people who value racial parity and collaboration, the aims of art and the necessity of commerce, fearless conversation and creative isolation…Sensuous and immediate, the 16 slim, elliptical stories are built upon elegantly captured moments…hum[s] with far-seeing energy.” — Elle “Fresh and energetic.” — Harper's Magazine “[An] astonishing posthumous collection of stories from an underappreciated author…


Her voice is sharp and sophisticated but leavened by vulnerability and self-deprecation.” — Wall Street Journal “Fiercely honest and refreshingly candid.” — In Style “The writing is practically visceral; straightforward and crisp, leaving you wanting more and thinking about what you just read.” — Book Riot “Each one of these stories will take you somewhere deep and familiar, the kind of writing that makes the world around you fade away.” — Bustle “This previously unpublished collection of her stories will have many readers wishing they’d seen her work before... With a quick but searing touch of the brush, Collins crosses racial, gender, and generational divides, and her readers will, too.” — Library Journal “This previously unpublished collection of her stories will have many readers wishing they’d seen her work before.

She inhabits a landscape that sidesteps political or sexual correctness in favor of emotional truth-telling...


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    Regardless of your chosen standpoint one overriding positive to come out of this fervent fascination is the fact that many more men and women are open to the idea of having a relationship that challenges both age and gender norms. Given that there are so many definitions floating about, it’s worth clearing things up once and for all.

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    ©2006-2009 Relationship Advice - All Rights Reserved - Relationship Blog ... Dating can be both invigorating and intimidating for both men and women. Tips on how to get a boyfriend - where to look for the perfect boyfriend ...

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    In this page we use “dating” as an inclusive term covering the range of adolescent romantic relationships ranging from casual, episodic encounters to longer-term, committed relationships. TDV can include physical abuse—things like hitting, pushing, slapping, or strangling a dating partner.

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