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Sling TV’s interface has always been under-developed and somewhat befuddling to subscribers.The Dish-owned company tried to address this with an overhauled user experience at CES 2016, but bringing over the tried-and-true guide — a request second only to DVR in popularity — shows that Sling’s own approach wasn’t doing an adequate job for everyone.If you are here, then you are probably looking for a way to put an end to the WMC guide listings insanity.Since July 2015, WMC users have witnessed an almost comical display of inaccurate guide information, mismatched artwork, TBA sporting events, large blocks of generic “Programming” information, wrong New/Repeat flags, and even disappearing or missing channels, all while Microsoft and the new guide provider, Rovi, point fingers at each other.And to better highlight its vault of on-demand shows and movies, Sling TV will also be adding a “Featured” row for each category to the My TV tab.All of these changes are available on Android first — right now, in fact — and will come to Sling TV’s app on other devices in the near future.While most people just use the guide offered on their provider's set-top, this guide is for those who actually use the clear-QAM or over-the-air tuner in their TV.The way it worked is that manufacturers baked the software into the TV, which would then tune into a local affiliate's broadcast of a week's worth of guide data.

This time around it's the smart TV craze, and the internet connectivity that comes with, that is causing the premature death of a feature some people have been using for at least the last three or four years.A guide should alleviate some of the confusion around actually using the product.Sling TV is also making the “On Now” screen more useful by sorting live programming based on what’s popular with other users.Google TV first launched in October 2010 but it turned out to be a bug-filled platform that never caught on with either the public or hardware OEMs.

In a post on its official Google page this week, the Google TV Developers team confirmed that the company is shifting towards supporting Android TV and that the Google TV libraries will no longer be available for developers. Existing Google TV devices and all of the features of these devices will continue to work, and so will the apps you've developed for the Google TV platform.All these problems make for a very bad TV, and an even worse DVR experience.


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