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00123, and your Excel file may contain numbers formatted with leading zeros.

If possible, convert the text to numbers, using one of the methods shown here: Convert Text to Numbers If you can't convert the data, you can convert the lookup value within the MATCH formula: If the lookup array contains numbers, and the value to look up is text, use a formula similar to the following: =MATCH(--A5, Item List,0) The double unary (--) converts text to a number, and will work correctly even if the lookup values are numbers.

There are other comorbidities, the presence of one or more disorders in addition to the primary disorder, associated with high-functioning autism.

Some of these include depression, bipolar disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).


Or, if you have downloaded data from a database, it may contain text codes with leading zeros, e.g.

Cases are typically diagnosed by 35 months of age, much earlier than those of Asperger syndrome.


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