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i also see a good friend from the early days in manhattan beach, Christian chambers, i was best friends with his brother kelly when i was 15.crazy thing is i saw kelly on our recent tour up the west coast last month, and we stayed at his place in bend oregon.when we're playing i look down in front and billy stevenson is standing there looking at me.his big smile made me really happy, he's a great guy but i don't get to see him much.

Recording, and releasing records on the same schedule , the three bands were often touring at the same time.

Through the years since, I have been lucky enough to play with Watt on many occasions (f IREHOSE/Grey Area), or sitting in with the Missing Men. Printed on the side in large letters were the words 'Econo Watt.' D Boon and Mike had both shaved their heads for the tour. One of my favorite people, let alone bassists, on the planet. Now all these years later we're going back out on the road again together.



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