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(Today the establishment is the Miraz.) Ameche, who would later win the Heisman Trophy while a fullback at the University of Wisconsin, was just one of many teens to hang out at the Ranch over the restaurant’s four decades. Germains had lived in Zion, where they owned a drive-in.

When they purchased the Kenosha property, the couple moved to a house east of the restaurant on 75th Street, and Josephine worked as a car hop at the Dairy Dream.

A number of marriages resulted from romances between co-workers at the two Ranch locations.

Mark had met his future wife Lori Stakus, a waitress at the North Ranch, while working for his dad during a summer home from college, but they hadn’t dated.

“We had our share of streakers out in the parking lot in the 1970s, too” Mark recalled, laughing.

The Ranches, north and south, were part of Americana culture in the Midwest after World War II that included a number of Kenosha restaurants and drive-ins such as the Spot, Big Star, Chat-N-Chew, Dutch Maid and the Frostop, to name a few.

Belvedere has the same great look of the outcropping in a smaller version and can be used for small garden walls, fire pits, seat walls, and columns.

Rosetta Outcropping and Belvedere are the next generation of retaining wall.

Call for help in your area as well as an emergency food box.

of Life Food Pantry Epworth United Methodist Church, 501 Morgan Ave, Palmyra, NJ Hours: every 3 Saturday of the month, 10AM-1PM Christian Caring Center Rte 530, Pemberton, NJ 08068 609-893-0700 Food & Clothing, Community Meals, etc.

The same legislation saved the Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC), and the solar energy industry, from certain doom.


Previously, the ITC for solar energy was set to reduce to 10% after December 31, 2016.

The large mass of the retaining wall units allows the wall to be built to a height of 6’ without reinforcement and 8’ with minimal reinforcement.


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