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And it’s just when you’re expecting a notification from a company you do business with that you are at the greatest risk of believing emails that you’d probably discard out of hand at any other time. A reputable company will never send you such emails, precisely so you can assume that all email-borne login links are bogus, and ignore them.The same sort of reason why many jurisdictions require game hunters, whom you’d expect to sneak around in camouflage, to wear conspicuously lurid and unnatural-looking jackets.For example when a handful of victims approached their computers, he opened up a pornographic video in the browser right when they came close to their devices.Hacking webcams is a popular activity for young hackers.This man streamed video from the hacked computers on You Tube.The anonymous user turned these sessions into a real online show.Store a random string of characters instead, combine the password and this random string (that’s “salting” the string to vary its flavour), and pass the salted password through a non-reversible cryptographic function to get a message digest code (that’s “hashing” the data by slicing, dicing and stirring together the salted input in a digital mixing bowl).A crook can check to see if your password is, say, by salting-and-hashing himself, but he has to start with a guess, because he can’t go back from the hash to your password.


That’s right: another day, another shed-load of password hashes in the hands of crooks.

Please disregard any emails claiming to be from Living Social that request such information or direct you to a website that asks for such information.


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