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If he/she fails in the achievement of accuracy then also Security Deposit is refundable.If any freelancer not submitting their project then we have to suffer from the loss of 5 thousands to 10 thousands. Simply click and fill the registration form below and click on the "Submit now" button.And the notepad file should be prepared same as shown without any mistakes..quite simple. At the same time, you too get paid for utilizing the resources you already have, i.e. Creating a Notepad File will make the work lot easier and takes less space. There is no need of any minimum education or special skill to start the work.Just a good typing skill and basic computer and internet knowledge is needed.


We will send you Through Cheque Payment or NEFT through netbanking. E-Book Typing Project is a Home based Typing project.

In these days of scammers, it is really hard to find legitimate work from home job opportunities.

Thus, we started our organization to provide employment to educated persons who have good typing skill and speed and especially who are eager to earn good income through hard and dedicated work.

In India, most of the work comes from US, European Countries, Gulf nations etc.

Today every Industry wants high Quality in their work & absolute customer satisfaction.Hence, India will be the third largest outsourcing earner in nearby days.


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