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Frank, however, has his own problems helping Moesha and Hakeem with her doctor visits as she begins to experience pregnancy symptoms.Meanwhile, Myles, Ray-Ray and Reecy start a dog-walking business that flourishes greatly—until Dorian catches them letting their clients' pets do their business on the neighbors' lawns instead of the local dog park.8.They try to keep a lid on it from their friends, but with Alicia (Alexis Fields) back and trying to snooping around again, it could be a very difficult task.Meanwhile, Myles shows Ray-Ray, Reecy and his new friends, Hector Cortez (Bobby Gonzalez) and Roger Logan (Haley Joel Osment) around his school, where the former two use their bad boy/girl attitudes to gain popularity with their classmates—and disdain from their teachers.10.

Meanwhile, basketball season rolls by and Myles and Roger aim to impress the Chambers twins: Kathy and Cree (Kyla Pratt in a dual role).Trial by Journey: As evidence against Ray-Ray and Reecy's parents in their corporate money laundering case continues to pile up, despite the efforts of their defense attorney (Courtney B.Vance), the two troublemakers become depressed secretly and turn to a gang for solace.Gore II) consider consummating their relationship, Dorian strives to enroll in a junior college at the last second, and Ray-Ray and Reecy prepare to enter a school full of strangers.9.

Back to the Books: With school in session once again, Moesha and Hakeem now must find some way to continue college and hide Mo's ever-growing baby-bump.A Home with No Tenants: The Kennedy's home is facing foreclosure due to their legal problems, so Ray, Sr.


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