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Once again we heard tons of positive feedback from other teams, and have maintained our great reputation as an organization that does things right - and deservedly so!

Meet Results | Team Scores | Gwin Aq Results he 2017 Georgia Long Course Age Group State Championship hosted by Gwinnett Aquatics wrapped up Sunday night with the announcement of team scores, high point individuals, and the Georgia Zone Team roster.

Swim Atlanta, Marietta Marlins, and Tiftarea Tidal Wave took home first place trophies in their respective division.

High Point winners were: Elyssa Maust (GCAT), Gaby Van Brunt (GCAT), Rye Ulett (DYNA) Samantha Mobley (LINS), Daniel Bao (DYNA), Caleb Paek (SA), Thomas Xiao (DYNA), and: Nicklas Bohn (DYNA).

WE usually don't take a lot to this meet as it is dominated by college swimmers.


It is our goal to recruit qualified individuals, retain valuable employees, maintain compliance with employment laws and government regulations, provide a safe and healthful work environment, and provide resources for administering benefits, policies, and procedures.

We will update from that list weekly until we are at capacity.


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