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The Duty Manager may, at his/her discretion, carry out a room inspection of all rooms to determine that no malicious or accidental damage has occurred.If any damage is found, the guest or group shall be charged accordingly.


Amendments can be made up to 24 hours prior to the day of arrival depending upon the nature of the change and availability.The guest or group booking may also be terminated at the Duty Manager’s discretion with no refund of monies paid.If any guest or group is found to have non-paying persons staying in their room(s), the guest or group shall be charged for the extra persons and the on-going booking may be, at the Duty Manager’s discretion, terminated with no refund of monies paid.If your cancellation is within the 72-hour period, the full amount for the first nights stay shall be charged.

If we are advised prior to the 72 hour cut-off period, only the 12% of total fee deposit shall be retained by Euro Hostels Ltd.Should any, or all, guests not arrive on the booked date of arrival, Euro Hostels Ltd will charge for the full amount of the first nights accommodation for non-arriving guests and the remainder of the booking will be cancelled. We accept Cheque via pre clearance only (with receipt required a minimum of 7 days prior to date of arrival).


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    We need more hard evidence, more measurements and cloud-physics modeling before we can hope to come up with a clear explanation.

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    We’re not sure how likely it is that there’s someone fanciable on your flight who also has this app.

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    And, as the ensuing comments following the article were keen to point out, invariably these kinds of discussions turn to the “dating/mating/marrying down” variety – i.e., college-educated/white collar professional, and highly accomplished women, having to “slum it” with their “lesser” male counterparts.

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