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AIM and Yahoo: barelylegalerica Hey guys, it’s me Madison, and I am here to tell you something awesome!

I got a hot tub under my deck, and OMG the orgasms I can have with it is insane!!

I had a really hot steamy phone sex call two years ago in a jet soaker tub.

I had a vibrator that was waterproof too (sadly I think I burned the motor on that one, lol) and have been wishing for a new one ever since.

We sit back with wide eyes and curious minds watching the two girls on the screen kiss. Everything is tingling, and I am ashamed to say my panties are damp. Call 1 8 and ask for Charlotte;) I bet you think an innocent looking sweetie pie like me isn’t even capable of extreme taboo phone sex fun, but you’re wrong.

I love talking about all those nasty things that get your big dick hard.

I like it when he makes me take out my dildo and suck it real good before he makes me put it in my ass. yahoo: Bratty_Elle AIM: Bratty_Elle4u twitter: Elle_Baby1 Are you tired of the same old routine? I love to play and we can phone fuck so good you’ll get off like a king and sleep like a baby.

Surprised I managed to keep the phone from getting wet (it is NOT waterproof, ha! Only thing better would have been if I had company in the tub with me.

Yahoo IM: Sexy Shelby_4u AIM: Sexyshelby4u Two girl phone sex is where our imagination run wild.



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