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I’m only just beginning the process and have a new perspective on this already. You’ll want to work with a NSO for those questions.) For videos and more information about the VA claims process, visit the Veterans Benefits Administration’s Youtube channel.Audie Leon Murphy (20 June 1925 – ) was one of the most decorated American combat soldiers of World War II, receiving every military combat award for valor available from the U. Army, as well as French and Belgian awards for heroism.His father abandoned them, and his mother died when he was a teenager.Murphy left school in fifth grade to pick cotton and find other work to help support his family; his skill with a hunting rifle was a necessity for putting food on the table.You are welcome to come take a closer look at the store, or if you want to be sure to snag the one you love, feel free to call us with a credit card.I received my fair share of bumps and bruises while I was in the Marine Corps, but to this day I still feel like I owe the Corps more than it owes me.


Turned down by the Navy and the Marine Corps, he enlisted in the Army.

I started reading through the VA benefits website trying to get a vector and trying to figure out where I should start.

I asked some friends who had been through the process and I read a few blogs.

Not to mention, the more a Veteran is seeking from VA the longer the process is going to be.


First, I had to gather my records for Paul, do the initial power of attorney and document all the issues I would be submitting to VA.

In late April 2006, I went to my first SEP/TAP class provided by Marine Corps Community Service.


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    He was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1734, as the fourth of seven children.

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    You acknowledge that if Your computer can be accessed by a minor, that You will take all precautions to keep our Materials from being viewed by minors.

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