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Our folk-dance instructor, Enno Paat, pointed out we were the largest such group in Canada.


Other points of grandeur can be admired at Harju plateau Väike-Pakri Island (13m.), Türisalu (30m.) and Rannamõisa (35m.), also the eastern cliffs at Voka (44m.) and Päite (41m.) to mention just a few. "All that glisters is not gold" (says Shakespeare) but I never listened to old folks when I was young so why should they?After tying, the sausages are pricked (to prevent bursting) and simmered over the stove in hot water.The sausages are removed from the water and cooled on racks.The Baltic Klint is 1200 kilometres long, its width 3-5 km. There are 4 main sections of the escarpment not all visible to the human eye as it snakes in and out of sea and terrain: Õland Klint, Baltic Sea Klint, North Estonian Klint and the Ingermanland Klint. Alvars (organic growth in thin soil on limestone plains), as well as gorges (palaeoincisions) and 33 water descents abound on the North Estonian Klint. Early records of watermills erected on rapids and cascades date back to 1241, and in the 1920's a rush of small hydro-power stations appeared on waterfalls.

In 1955 the enormous flow of the Narva Waterfall was redirected to the turbines of the Narva Hydropower Station. Online dating via plentyoffish doesn't cost you a dime.


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