Dating boyfriend for 3 years jiah khan dating

This post is dedicated to all of the hopeful couples out there who are hoping to someday get a ring.I know that a lot of women hope to be in a long-term relationship some day, but take it from somone who is on the other side of the relationship fence -- the grass is not always greener.Anyway our anniversary is great and she seems like the happiest girl in the world.(she wasnt materialistic at all so I don't see her stauing with me for presents, plus despite me making a great deal more money than her she refused to let me spend more on her than she did on me) Well after that she barely talked to me for about 10 days, never said I love you (you get used to how a persons normal behavior is and this was very abnormal for her) then I went to meet up with her after she got out of work one day to get food and go back to my house.Some forums can only be seen by registered members. She broke up with me after o ur 3rd anniversery passed in mid Feb. before meeting her I just wanted to **** every girl I saw,but never gave a **** about any of them.After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. We went out for 3 years, and basically she was head over heals in love with me while ididnt really open up to her emotionally at all, and she put about 95% of the effort into the realtionship.For example one of her cousins was getting married and she wanted me to go to the wedding with her.

Unfortunately marriage is not an option with my boyfriend.But she also said that my lack of emotion and effort had made her feel dead inside.We really never fought and were so comfortable around eachother at all times and she wasnt the lying type.Whenever I talk to my boyfriend about planning our future life together his answer is always the same: "You know that I love you and we already share money, an apartment, and (formerly) a car so what more do you need?

" I am not sure if I absolutely want to be married, but I do know that I want our relationship to progress and move forward... I love my boyfriend very much, but for some time now we have been in a crossroad in our relationship and we are getting to the age when we have to decide to accept each other for who we are and accept our relationship for what it is, or make a decision to go our separate ways.

I wrote a post on Dinks Finance titled "Should I Give My Boyfriend a Marriage Ultimatum?


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