Dating and the seven commandments

If I am out walking with my girlfriend, I might be more likely to bring a portrait lens.

The point is that I try to minimize the weight and amount of stuff I bring so that the camera gear never becomes a burden.

Even if your camera is packed in the bottom of your bag.

Even if you feel embarrassed to take a photo in the situation at hand, for whatever reason. Always make a habit of checking the composition, exposure, and sharpness of your photo before leaving the scene.

This one is not only about lenses: It is about equipment in general.

I always just bring one lens – the one on my camera.

It adds a dimension of extra beauty and flow to your regular long walks.

Here are the seven most important lessons I have learned when it comes to getting the best possible enjoyment and results from your photo walks.


In the last year, I’ve walked probably more than 2,000 miles with my camera. There is also great excitement when you get home to look at the photos, to see if you caught any great ones.The sooner you go into shopping mode, the more money IKEA makes from your visit. The sooner you take your camera out of the bag, turn it on, and take the first photo – the sooner you enter into photography mode – and the more great photos you will come home with.


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