Dating a quiet girl


It’s also nice if you’re very extroverted and seek that approval and attention. But, that doesn’t mean they’re not worth breaking down those walls.

Shy girls aren’t as open about their feelings, at least at first. If you need attention that badly, you probably should work on that, as well. That shy girl might like you and be worth the effort.

You might get a compliment or affirmation or two, but they’re often few and far between. Remember that introverts look inward for strength and energy and that includes with their emotions. Also, I’m not implying all shy women have more issues than outgoing women.

Consequently, shy girls often have bigger walls than their outgoing counterparts. Just that those who do, if they’re introverted, may not have dealt with them as well as their more talkative counterparts.

I will give instructions to gentlemen who wish to attract their humble matches. It is just a normal human quality that can be inborn or developed as the consequence of certain events in life.


With outgoing girls, you get started and they typically follow along easily with little effort. Shy women will say less, so you’ll not only have to start the conversation, but also carry the full burden of keeping it going.

They will take longer to open up at first, but, if you give them time, it will happen if they like you. It’s great to hear how attractive you are, the things you’re doing well, etc.


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