Chuck wicks dating julianne hough

Now she is romantically linked with Brooks Laich with whom she just got engaged in August. They reportedly got married on 8th July 2017 nearby Coeur d' Alene, Idaho in front of 200 guests that also includes close friends and families.

Julianne showed the sign of great dancing skills since her childhood days.

Juliane Hough is occupationally an American actress but known among huge mass as the champion of ABC’s Dancing Stars. A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person, The same thing happened in the life of Julianne Hough.

As she raised her relationship to next level, millions of her fans want to know who is that luckiest person with whom she got married? she tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend Brooks Laich (a pro hockey player).

She also took several dancing classes when she was in her young age.

It was 1997 when she first took part in the dancing competition.


His full name is Charles Elliott "Chuck" Wicks and he is one of the famous country music singers from United States. Edit Her one year love affairs with singer, Chuck Wicks finally came to an end at the end of 2009.After that, she was found with Ryan Seacrest who is one of the renowned television celebrities in America.She dated him for about three years and finally called off her relationship with him at the start of 2013.The couple was dating since 2013 but they hardly used to expose about their relationship.

The rumor about their relationship heard after Julianne posted a photo on her Instagram account with the caption; The couple spent their time together for more than we can think of, they must be in a solid bond, and as of now, there is no such rumor and news which would lead to their separation.

She rose to prominence from dancing and that was after she became the champion of Dancing with the Stars.


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