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Measuring Oral Roberts' Influence In light of televangelist Oral Roberts' death, how much influence did Oral Roberts have on the word of faith movement and also Prosperity Doctrine? Unholy Trinity John Mac Arthur writes against the things going on with Trinity Broadcasting Network.

At the beginning of October, The Times of India reported that the Indian government canceled the charity registration of Believers' Church.

Hall Lindsey's ministry brought in .1 million in donations in 2014 and paid Mr.

Lindsey and his wife a total of million or almost half of the ministry's total donations.

Read article at Patheos In a surprising development, the nation of India's Ministry of Home Affairs has cancelled the registration of Gospel for Asia and three related organizations.

According to the Times of India, Gospel for Asia (now called Ayana Charitable Trust) was the largest recipient of foreign funds in the nation during fiscal year 2016.

SPLC has made it clear it is in the business of “destroying” the Christian groups it targets, says Mark Potok of SPLC.

Therefore, it was of great concern when Guide Star began using the SPLC hate-list to further target Christian groups on its web database.

This would allow them to find out how much money any particular group raises, how much they spend on fundraising, programs, and how much top management is paid.But somehow, by God's grace, I have never been in a more peaceful place in the entirety of my Christian life.


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