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following the start of the daily’s meltdown last July - would be “taking a break from her column.” The announcement came after a particularly rough week for the well-known pundit and author, one that began with her reportedly attacking military wives for being whiners and ended with the Pentagon launching an investigation into a load of objectionable material that her Army son allegedly posted to his My Space page.The news about her 21-year-old, Afghanistan-based soldier son - whose My Space page supposedly had cartoon images of rape, murder, torture, child molestation, and more - broke on Saturday, and has since been picked up in a number of media markets. Laura’s troubles are largely attributable to the work of journalist Matthew La Plante, who covers the military in Utah and reported from the Iraq War in 2005 for the ."Many people of color, women, and other marginalized groups feel increasingly alienated not only in the current national context but in much of the white evangelical culture as well," the statement added.


One of the many signatories is Erin Smith, assistant professor of Psychology at California Baptist University.

' Actually he'd probably stone her then go out and genocide some more Amalekites just so he'd feel better after having had to look at her...)--so now we have to figure out to do with ' Boy Deryk'---maybe a nice LONG tour of the Back Streets of Baghdad on all Fours sniffing out all those Improvised Explosive Devices littering all the backroads these days, courtesy of US Operation Shekinah (better make it FIVE uninterrupted Tours in a row, like other US soldiers have had to undergo in that Hell Hole just to keep people like his Mommykins in Mink)---or maybe we should just post a few pictures of sonnyboy spread eagle in positions suggestive of Guantanamo Bay Detainees..a thought off the top of my head....


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