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I'll get it.....) - The new highly anticipated new Guns.......(that doesn't sound right either....)- The highly anticipated G n' R album has finally hit....(no, dropped, its finally dropped. )- After many years,- After fifteen years,- After 15 years,- After a decade and a half of painstakingly fine tuning...- After a decade and a half of painstakingly crafting...(Grrrrrrrrrr!)- After a decade and a half of perfecting....- After a decade and a half of tailoring.......(tailoring?....(too Shakespearey)- It must be hell being a control freak if you're the only one you can blame......(No, too mean...maybe not mean enough....)- Taking a decade and a half to record one album is stoopid man,- Taking 15 years to record one album is cool.....- It was the best of times, it was the........(I got nothing here...)- Pick-up drycleaning, get french bread & parmesan cheese at Safeway, return DVD's to Blockbuster.- In trying to perfect....(wait I think I tried that one's good though, I should go with that....there must be something wrong with it if I didn't use it the first time....yeah, should probably not use it.....ohhhh!!!! )- I once went mad trying to keep quality control at a green bean farm in Providence.....(no, I've been writing too many personal reviews lately, should go objective on this one.)- Axl's main rival during the time of the last G 'n R album's release was Nirvana. That's what I've been trying to say all this time! Today I experienced probably the most phenomenal, bizarre, strange euphoric feeling of my whole life.Even as a dead man, Cobain has released more music in that time than Mr. (put that one on the 'maybe' pile.)- Things that didn't exist before the sessions started; MP3 players, DVD's, Google, viagra, American Idol, and Dakota Fanning. It wasn't a religious experience, an outer body experience or seeing the northern lights. What country does this man look like he s from originally?You can relax your body and mind by watching free sex cam shows, take part in sex chats and even broadcast your very own live cam.Should I ask my friends with benefits to get me something for my birthday? Is there a way to find out the googles subscibers name?Should you ask a girl out again if she turns you down?

- 1993 was a simpler time, the price of oil was.....- The year: 1993. I opened up one of the new release boxes in the stockroom of HMV to find actual real CD copies of the mythological cryptid that is Chinese Democracy by Guns N Roses.sounds odd)- After a decade and a half of fine-tooth ......- (Alright, go big or go home:) For nearly 15 years this album has tried to give faithful service to the metalheads at heart; time has been powerless to put its kindly philosophy out of fashion.Browsing, chatting, watching sex shows and broadcasting your own live cam is completely free.….


Je suis d'accord qu'on ne puisse pas aimer, c'est totalement différent des autres albums et ils ne faut donc pas les comparer mais objectivement et musicalement parlant, c'est leur meilleur, toutes les sonorités sont recherchées, vraiment rien à dire, une belle claque.Par contre, il faut plusieurs écoutes pour vraiment l'apprécier :)This album is terrible.


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