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He said: “It is glorifying terrorism — the makers should be ashamed.“We should be coming together to unite against terrorism, but how is that possible when children are playing with toys like this?The SIRs for contralateral testicular cancer were increased in the registries with a range from 6.0 in Saarland to 13.9 in East Germany.The SIR for seminoma, in particular, was higher in East Germany compared to the other registries.The primary treatment of testicular cancer is orchiectomy.




In East Germany, a total of 301 second primary cancers of any location were observed between 19 (SIR: 1.9; 95% CI: 1.7-2.1), and 159 cancers (any location) were observed between 19 (SIR: 1.7; 95% CI: 1.4-2.0).However, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are potentially carcinogenic.


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