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Across Microsoft we’ve been busy since August adding new features and improving the apps that come with Windows and will be updating these apps before GA.

We’ll introduce new features, improve performance, and increase reliability.

You will be notified of Windows Store updates just as you have come to expect, with a count of available updates on the Store tile.

You can easily choose to install the updates at a convenient time: Across the board, you’ll see performance and reliability improvements in the apps, but there are some great new capabilities as well.


It comes with hundreds of standard business entities already defined, which means that now all your apps can share the same definition of “customer,” “product,” “lead,” and more.

Here are some highlights of the changes you’ll see: We are excited to get these updated apps out to all of the people who have been using Windows 8 so far, and to have them ready for the Windows 8 launch for people buying new PCs or upgrading their existing PCs.

Solar Winds Patch Manager extends the capabilities of Microsoft WSUS, offering a powerful solution for deploying, managing, and reporting on Microsoft and third-party patches on tens of thousands of workstations and servers enterprise-wide.

I bemoaned recently that the Bixby button was driving me nuts and many of our readers agreed with me.

I don’t like how it gets in the way and that you can’t avoid accidental presses of the button. Samsung is finally allowing us to disable the Bixby button, to an extent.

This post is authored by Gabriel Aul on our program management team and details some of the updates you will see starting in the next day or so as the updates enter the Store.



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