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Manuscripts and Broadsides: List of Acces- sions, 1914-15 201 ILLUSTRATIONS The Library of Congress. The account books of the bookkeeping division are written up and posted to June 30, and the accounts rendered to the Treasury Department are settled up to and including the month of June, while earned fees to June 30, inclusive, have been paid into the Treasury. FUEL, LIGHTS, REPAIRS, AND MISCELLANEOUS SUPPLIES Watch and housekeeping department: Ice (489,293 pounds) Painting in and about the building Painting (materials) Repairs (floors, windows, etc.) Washing towels Dry goods (cleaning cloths, etc.) Soap powders Soaps Paper towels Housekeeping (brooms, buckets, brushes, etc.) Toilet supplies Miscellaneous supplies Engineer department: Mail and delivery service — upkeep and re- pair of motor vehicles Hardware and tools Repairs , Plumbing supplies Removing refuse New high-power steam main Oils Gas Miscellaneous supplies Repairs to roof — Sheet copper 3. CONDITION OF COPYRIGHT OFFICE WORK (a) Current work Condition of cm- At this date (July 7, 1 91 5) the remittances received up to the third mail of the day have been recorded. The subscriptions, by express provisions of the copyright act, are required to be paid to the Superintendent of Docu- ments (Office of the Public Printer, Washington, D. 53); and the proclamation of May 1, 1915, ex- tending the benefits of section 1 (e) of the Copyright Act to the subjects of Italy (Information Circular, No. Catalogue of The copyright law authorizes the printing at intervals of copyrighted dra- f Jb f a mas.


The temporary cards made for the indexes to the printed catalogue (numbering 87,227 during the fiscal year) have been eliminated, and the remaining cards (107,337 f° r the fiscal year) were added to the permanent card indexes, now numbering over 2,825,000 cards.

Copies were received of 158 works in all in response to requests made by the Copy- right Office during the period of 12 months for works pub- lished during recent years.

Request for \ n response to inquiries during the year from the Card Section, the Order Division, and the Reading Room in regard to 470 books supposed to have been copyrighted but not found in the Library, it was discovered that 57 of these works were actually in the Library, 20 of the books had been deposited and were still in the Copyright Office, 100 works were either not published, did not claim copyright, or for other reasons could not be deposited, and in the case of 135 works no answers to our letters of inquiry had been received up to June 30, 191 5.

C, December 6, 191 5 Sir: The death, on October 22, 1914, of Mr. Green, who had charge of the construction of the building and had been its Superintendent and Disbursing officer since its completion (a period of nearly 18 years), neces- sitated prompt measures to carry on uninterruptedly the administrative and fiscal duties of the office. Register of Copyrights 163 SUMMARY OF COPYRIGHT BUSINESS Balance on hand July 1, 1914 , 332. 50 Fees for registrations of renewals, at 50 cents each 663. 00 2,116.25 Total fees for fiscal year 1914-15 in, 922.

Respectfully submitted Herbert Putnam Librarian of Congress The Honorable The President of the Senate The Honorable The Speaker of the House of Representatives REPORT OF THE SUPERINTENDENT OF THE LIBRARY BUILDING AND GROUNDS *33 REPORT OF THE SUPERINTENDENT OF THE LIBRARY BUILDING AND GROUNDS Library of Congress Washington, D. 00 161 19 3*5 5o 387 65 143 25 228 89 35 41 13 01 88 89 2, 000. Its printing should release the office from making searches in the case of many in- quiries received concerning entries included in the work, and will also enable the office to eliminate this large accu- mulation of cards from the manuscript index. 55 Summary of copyright business Total to be accounted for 123, 926. 00 Fees for registrations of photographs without certificates, at 50 cents each 4, 723. Five volumes of the Catalogue of Copyright Entries were printed for the calendar year 191 4, containing a total of 7,742 pages of text and indexes. [Referred to the Committee on Patents.] Register of Copyrights 167 Copyright Act by adding the following paragraph to sec- tion 23 : ' ' Upon the expiration of the copyright of a book, or the renewal thereof should the same be renewed, there shall exist no superior rights of any nature whatsoever in the publisher or former proprietor thereof to the matter which has been the subject of copyright or to the name or title thereof, but both the matter which has been the subject of copyright and its name or title shall fall into the public domain and thereafter be forever free to the unrestricted use of the public. Oldfield, from the Committee on Nol3H Patents, submitted a report 1 to accompany bill H. 21137, with the recommendation "that the bill do pass." This report is as follows : "It has come to the knowledge of the committee that publishers throughout the United States, after the expiration of 56 years of copy- right monopoly, have claimed and exercised and seek to perpetually exercise, under the interpretation of the law by the Federal courts, a "secondary meaning" right which, it is claimed, during the period of copyright protection attached to their publications by no other circum- stance than from long-continued advertising of their respective works.



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