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In Buddhism, the white Conch shell that spirals to the right can mean the deep and joyful sound of the Dharma teachings.

It is representative of the awakening disciples receive when they hear these teachings.

The roots of the lotus plant are stuck deep in the mud, but it still grows above murky water and blossoms into a beautiful, sweet-smelling flower.

The lotus can be analogous to how we rise up from our sufferings to reach enlightenment, beauty and clarity.

The first hint of a human representation in Buddhist symbolism appear with the Buddha footprint.

An umbrella can protect people from the different elements, like the sun or the rain.

The Banner of Victory is used to remind people that one must win over their own pride, lust and passions to be able to reach enlightenment.


Early Buddhism did not portray the Buddha himself and may have been aniconic.It has also universally become the symbol for Buddhism.



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